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Diamond Head

Then and Now | Waikiki Coastline

Diamond Head is the iconic cornerstone of Waikiki beach. The profile of this dramatic crater dominates and provides context to countless images throughout the years. This view also serves as a constant against, which we can mark, the passage of...

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Maple Bacon Waffles, Green Eggs and Ham

Hawaiian Villa Rentals Staff Pick | Morning Brew

Morning Brew Coffee & Bistro is a staff favorite at Hawaiian Villa Rentals. An eclectic Bohemian atmosphere with a knowledgeable group of baristas makes this funky coffee shop a top pick. Coffee beans from Maui, Kona and Costa Rica are blen...

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Lantern Festival

Memorial Day in Hawaiʻi: The Lantern Festival

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano; Memorial Day in Honolulu comes with a very special event: the lantern ceremony at Ala Moana beach. Ala Moana is a long stretch of sand that flows into shallo...

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The Grit and Grace of Hula

Video of the Week | The Grit and Grace of Hula

Merrie Monarch Festival, via Great Big Storyʻs “The Grit and Grace of Hula” Vacationers may arrive to the islands with a certain idea of hula and what it looks like. However, if you are willing to look beyond the iconic coconut biki...

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Your New Friend Gecko

Your New Friend | the Gecko

At night, while you’re totally enveloped by the luxurious salty breeze and the sound of the ocean waves, it’s possible you may be interrupted by a short, sharp clicking sound. It sounds exactly like clicking the side of your tongue agai...

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Manoa Falls

Hike of the Week | Manoa Falls

Highlights of the Hike: While there are plenty of beautiful rainforest scenes to enjoy along the way, the real star of this hike is at the end of the 0.8 mile trail: a magnificent waterfall cascading over a 150 ft cliff face! Directions: Fo...

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Flower Arrangement

Hawai’i Close Up | Tropical Arrangements

Hawai’i Close Up – Tropical Floral Arrangements One perk of welcoming guests to our island paradise is the opportunity to present them with a celebration of Hawaiʻi’s natural beauty in the form of a spectacular floral arrangement....

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Ono on the Menu | ‘Ulu

Breadfruit. Photo by Ashay vb via Wikimedia Commons ʻUlu is the Hawaiian word for breadfruit, a common tree in many tropical regions. ʻUlu has a mildly sweet taste and starchy texture. You wouldn’t think it could be a major player in a...

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Pink Frangipani

The Sweet Smell of Hawai’i

© CC BY-SA Thomas Tunsch / Leaving Oʻahu (a0004448) – panoramio You may be headed for a Hawaiian vacation rental, for a family or friendʻs home, or straight to a campsite, but all visitors are greeted the same as they step off ...

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