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Your New Friend | the Gecko

Your New Friend Gecko

At night, while you’re totally enveloped by the luxurious salty breeze and the sound of the ocean waves, it’s possible you may be interrupted by a short, sharp clicking sound. It sounds exactly like clicking the side of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and it comes from your new friend: the Hawaiʻi gecko! During the day, the kids are sure to notice the brown, outdoor cousins of the household gecko leaping and scurrying among the plants. At night, the paler ones roam the rafters and the windows of most Hawaiʻi homes, looking for insects to eat, clicking occasionally. The trade-off with the household geckos is that they provide a little natural pest control, and we clean up a little gecko poop. Not all species of geckos in Hawaiʻi are environmentally friendly, especially the giant day geckos which are an introduced species that competes with indigenous birds in the wild. Nevertheless, the common gecko in your rental home is a harmless (to humans) co-habitant who keeps to himself, and heʻs certainly not going anywhere.

And no, they will not sell you car insurance!

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