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How to Market Your Vacation Rental in Maui

Marketing your vacation rental in Maui is key to maximizing your property’s potential and attracting travelers seeking the perfect place to stay during their next vacation. To reach potential guests and get bookings, you need to have a...

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Hawaii Getaways: Oahu, Big Island, and Beyond

When it comes to vacation destinations, Hawaii offers plenty of options. Composed of eight main islands, resplendent like green jewels in the middle of the Pacific Ocean’s sapphire waters, Hawaii is steeped in culture, history and beau...

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From the Air | Moloka’i Coastline!

Thinking of travelling to one of the neighbor islands? You may see some options on the smaller craft airlines like Mokulele Airlines. These little planes seat about 8 passengers. They’re not the right fit for every traveller, but on a clear w...

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Makapu'u Lighthouse

Hike Of The Week | Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

Makapuʻu beach and Rabbit Island. Photo by Bob Linsdell Featured Hike of the Week ~ Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail Highlights of the Hike: This beautiful trail winds around hills and cliffs at the very end of the Ko’ola...

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Good To Know | Hawai’i Island

You may have heard the term “Hawaiʻi Island”. Not to be confused with Hawaiʻi, the group of 8 islands, Hawaiʻi Island is the largest, youngest, and most southern island of the archipelago and home to Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain ...

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On The Menu | Plantation Iced Tea

If you order an iced tea to go with your meal at a local restaurant, the server may ask “Plantation or regular?” Plantation Iced Tea is a local favorite made with black tea, pineapple juice, and simple syrup. It’s a perfect not-too-swe...

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North Shore Beach (1)

How To Spend a Day On The North Shore

After you roll out of bed and carry out your morning routine with a cup of coffee and a small bite to eat you might find yourself wondering what to do next? Perhaps it’s time to head to the North Shore! Here is everything you need to know a...

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