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Kailua Shores Estate

Kailua Shores Estate

30 Mar 2018, Posted by Ashley in
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This property rents for a minimum 90 day period. Please inquire about rates.

Large Beachfront Property on Beautiful Kailua Beach – 2.5 acres of Tropical Gardens with Lily Pond – Five Star Amenities – Gated Security System – The Ultimate Getaway for Privacy and Tranquility – Newly Remodeled 4 Full Cottages with 8 King Suites – Air Conditioning/Ceiling Fans Throughout – Lighted Tennis/Basketball/Volleyball Court – Heated Pool/Spa with BBQ/Entertainment Area – 2 Outdoor Showers – Sports/Beach Equipment

One of the largest and most exquisite private beachfront properties on Kailua Beach, a world-renowned beach destination on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Each of our 4 newly remodeled homes includes:
-Open-floor living, dining, and kitchen area
-Air conditioning and ceiling fans throughout
-Fully equipped kitchen and laundry facility
-Shaded dining/lounging lanai
-High speed internet/cable TV/ wireless router
-The Main House includes 2 king suites, plus a den with a 3rd king is sofa sleeper with full bath. House has Outdoor Shower as well.
-The Beach House includes 3 king suites
-The Tennis House includes 2 king suites
-The Pool House includes 1 loft king, full bath downstairs, executive kitchen and bar that opens up to the pool/hot tub area, BBQ, and outdoor shower for easy, stylish entertainment that adds a cachet of relaxation and convenience to the property.

All bedrooms are en suite (except the pool house bathroom is on the 1st floor.)


Tennis Court
Air Conditioning
Private Pool
Ocean View
Hot tub/Spa
Gated Security System
Ceiling Fans
High Speed Internet
Sports/Beach Equipment


This property rents only monthly, 90 day contract. Please inquire directly about rates.

This Estate may be rented as only 5 bedrooms in the non-peak months.


* Seasonal rates are only estimates and do not reflect taxes or additional fees.


Other Fees:

Oahu Taxes on short term vacation rentals (calculated against rent, departure clean, early check ins, late check outs and any excess occupancy fees): 17.962%
Departure Cleaning Fee: $5500.00 + GET/TAT/OTAT = $6,487.91
Reservation fee: $295 + 2.55% on entire amount.

This property may not be rented for less than 90 consecutive days. Rental prices will not be reduced or adjusted based on the number of days the rental is actually used or occupied.”



Review by Anonymous
We wanted to send you a huge MAHALO for sharing your piece of heaven to us by renting Kailua Shores to us for our holiday and our wedding. Our family and extended family thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was the perfect place for our group to relax and unwind.
The amenities were fabulous and despite the weather not being great, we had a wonderful time relaxing in the pool, playing on the tennis courts and having fun at the beach.
Mahalo and we hope to be back at Kailua Shores again one day.