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Kailua Sands Estate

Kailua Sands Estate

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This property rents for a minimum 30 day period. Please inquire about rates.

Secluded on 2 private acres of Kailua beachfront, Kailua Sands Estate is comprised of two separate homes. Each estate showcases pure elegance and contemporary interiors. These 6 bedroom, 6.5 bathroom residences take full advantage of their beachfront location allowing for the most pleasurable resort-like lifestyle. With its breezy outdoor spaces and light-filled, view-focused interiors, these vacation rental houses offer inspiration adapted for relaxed, refined luxury living.

The spacious kitchen of these Kailua beachfront rentals have extensive granite counters for group dining prep, a Wolf gas range, rich mahogany wood cabinets, and plentiful storage throughout. With 7500 square feet of living space, this estate lives amidst a tropical paradise with towering palm trees and vibrantly-hued tropical flowers and foliage. Kailua Sands Estate is exquisitely decorated in an aesthetically pleasing combination of elegantly crafted Balinese rattans, Chinese and Japanese antiques and beautiful tropical art pieces.

This luxurious vacation rental is a true trophy property. In the center of the estate is the 2000 square foot, two-story mahogany Pool Cabana complete with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, bathroom with shower, living room space with large screen TV, and high speed wireless internet. Within your own private resort-like compound is a 96,000 gallon lava rock swimming pool with cascading waterfall and grotto, water slide, and hot tub. Private and secure, this exclusive oasis has to be experienced to be believed.

Houses may be rented as full 12 bedroom Estate with two 6 bedroom homes..

Or as only one 6 bedroom house.

24 people maximum
No smoking
No events or parties w/out written permission
Do not move any furniture or electronics
Refundable damage deposit is $10,000
Check in 12 noon
Check out 12 noon

House A has the following:
Master Bedroom First Floor – 2 King Beds, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 2 Second Floor – Two Twin Beds, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 3 Second Floor – One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 4 Second Floor – One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 5 Second Floor – One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 6 Second Floor – One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.

House B has the following:
Master Bedroom Second Floor – One King, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 2 Second Floor – Two Queen beds, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 3 Second Floor- One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 4 Second Floor- One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 5 First Floor – One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.
Guest Bedroom 6 First Floor – One King Bed, ensuite bathroom.

Cabana: 4 Full Size Beds in loft area.

Beach Front
Ceiling Fans
High Speed Internet
Luxury, Tropical Spa
No Smoking
Ocean View
Pool Bathroom
Washer & Dryer
Wireless Router
Lagoon Pool
Guest House
Hot Tub/Spa
BBQ Grill
Heated Pool
Hot Tub
Large oceanside yard
Private Pool
Lagoon Style Pool
Private yard
Beach Front
Ocean Front
Ocean View
On Beach

This property rents only monthly, 30 day minimum stays.  Please inquire directly about rates.

Date Range Daily Weekly Monthly

* Seasonal rates are only estimates and do not reflect taxes or additional fees.


Oahu Taxes on short term vacation rentals (calculated against rent, departure clean, early check ins, late check outs and any excess occupancy fees): 14.962%

Departure Cleaning Fee: $1600.00

Refundable Security Deposit: $10,000.00

Reservation fee: 2.55% on entire amount.

Pool heat is included.


1. Central A/C

2. Rates and fees are subject to change. Minimum stay requirements may apply.

3. City and County of Honolulu regulations require a minimum 30 day rental agreement, therefore your vacation rental agreement will be for a minimum of 30 days. Please discuss this requirement with your reservations agent.

4.This Hawaii vacation rental home has been registered as a Transient Accommodation with the State of Hawaii.