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Manoa Falls

Hike of the Week | Manoa Falls

Highlights of the Hike: While there are plenty of beautiful rainforest scenes to enjoy along the way, the real star of this hike is at the end of the 0.8 mile trail: a magnificent waterfall cascading over a 150 ft cliff face! Directions: Fo...

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Flower Arrangement

Hawai’i Close Up | Tropical Arrangements

Hawai’i Close Up – Tropical Floral Arrangements One perk of welcoming guests to our island paradise is the opportunity to present them with a celebration of Hawaiʻi’s natural beauty in the form of a spectacular floral arrangement....

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Ono on the Menu | ‘Ulu

Breadfruit. Photo by Ashay vb via Wikimedia Commons ʻUlu is the Hawaiian word for breadfruit, a common tree in many tropical regions. ʻUlu has a mildly sweet taste and starchy texture. You wouldn’t think it could be a major player in a...

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Pink Frangipani

The Sweet Smell of Hawai’i

© CC BY-SA Thomas Tunsch / Leaving Oʻahu (a0004448) – panoramio You may be headed for a Hawaiian vacation rental, for a family or friendʻs home, or straight to a campsite, but all visitors are greeted the same as they step off ...

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Good to Know | Mauka and Makai

If you ask directions from a local, you’ll likely hear something like, “After you pass the third stoplight, the store is on the mauka side of the street.” Don’t panic! Just remember: Mauka – Sounds like “mountain”. Look or ...

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Move aside Baby Shark, here comes the Fish with the Pig-Like Snout! This one is fun for the kids! First, they can learn how to memorize and say the full name of Hawaiʻi’s state fish, the humuhumunukunukuaāpuaʻa. (Hint: take it slow...

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Ahu ula Feather Cape

Historical Hawai’i | Feather Capes

‘Ahu ‘ula (feather cape) If you plan to visit one of our Honolulu Museums that specialize in Native Hawaiian art and culture, you may come across a display case with a feather cape, or ʻahu ʻula. These historical artifacts are huge, ...

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Ocean 1

Ocean Medicine ~ Visual Therapy

Luckily for those of us on-island during the past few weeks, the shelter-in-place orders have always allowed for ocean activities (though beach walks were restricted for a while), allowing us to take advantage of the incredibly reviving ben...

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On the Menu | Shave Ice

What is the perfect sweet cold treat to break the heat of a sunny beach day? Shave Ice, for sure. Super-finely shaved ice is flavored with sweet flavored syrups and served with an ever-expanding variety of add-ons. There are shave ice place...

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